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Be part of an award-winning educational program dedicated to teaching our children specific ways to protect and conserve their precious freshwater resources… Sign up to teach or sponsor WaterWise today!

Educators and industry professionals understand how important it is to teach our children to protect and respect the world they live in – today and in the future. Water conservation education is paramount in this effort.

The need for educating our children about the importance of water conservation — and, just as important, showing them specific ways to conserve — is a critical component to ensuring our future water supply.

For years, the Fort Bend Subsidence District has partnered with local Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) and other water industry professionals to bring a specially tailored version of the National WaterWise Program’s innovative classroom experience to our local schools. In fact, the program is now active throughout Fort Bend County, reaching over 10,000 area 4th and 5th grade students annually.

We understand the stressors that teachers face today — the pressures of STARR/TEKS, limited class time for in depth projects, complicated by their own hectic schedules– all reasons we chose this excellent program. WaterWise addresses these issues and plans their curriculum accordingly.

Texas TEKS State Standard Correlation 4th
Texas TEKS State Standard Correlation 5th

WaterWise Kit

Through the WaterWise Program, students learn about conservation in a classroom setting. The new knowledge is then taken home and shared with their families and friends, reinforcing the lessons learned. The recently redesigned kit features student artwork on the back and the contents of the kit are below.

Click to see what's inside the WaterWise Kit

Since 1994, the WaterWise program has grown to serve well over 60,000 students and teachers each year! Throughout the years, the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District has established a valued partnership with several of our local Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), cities, water authorities, and many other professionals in the water conservation industry. Due to their continued support and belief in this award winning program, we are able to provide materials to 4th and 5th grade students who attend schools within the Harris, Galveston, and Fort Bend county jurisdiction FREE of charge to the school. In an effort to spread the importance of water conservation education effectively, you can expect the WaterWise materials to be up-to-date with the Texas Education Agency’s standards. By offering fun, hands on, interactive lessons that bring real-world content into the classroom, knowledge can be applied in the classroom and then utilized at home.

Current and Future WaterWise Sponsors

Make a Difference Today: Bring Waterwise to Your Local Elementary School and Earn Groundwater Credits in the Process

If you’re a municipal utility district, water-related professional or simply an organization or individual interested in ensuring the availability of our current and future freshwater supply… you’re in the right place.

Partnering with HGSD and the award-winning Waterwise program will not only provide students and teachers with the educational materials they need, but will allow your organization to directly impact the preservation of freshwater sources in our area. And did we mention the groundwater credits you’ll earn? HGSD, Waterwise, and you… the true definition of a win/win situation.

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2019-2020 WaterWise Sponsorship Enrollment Printable Form

Welcome Educators!

Created for Teachers by Teachers

Waterwise is not only fun, results-driven and STREAMLINED, but it is flexible — a program that has, over the years, evolved to incorporate necessary and teacher-requested elements. Easy for you – effective for your students. And thanks to generous sponsors… you receive all materials and NO COST.

Teacher’s Guidebook

When you sign up for Waterwise, You’ll also receive the easy-to-follow teacher’s Guidebook, formatted to your needs. Elements include:

  • Duration estimates for lessons
  • Vocabulary lessons
  • Objectives for each lesson
  • Suggested classroom activities
  • Supplemental activities in English and Spanish
  • Home activities
  • Discussion ideas
  • “Make the Connection” section providing additional topics to be explored in class

We work hard to keep teachers and students excited about participating in this program and with continued feedback from those who participate and continued education on our end, we plan to stay at the forefront of water conservation education.

Get Started

If you are an educator in Harris, Galveston, or Fort Bend county, sign up today to start taking advantage of this important program. If you are one of our many returning Educators, we appreciate your commitment to this worthy effort and are glad to have you back. Contact us now to reserve your opportunity to participate. Remember, this award-winning program is FREE! We appreciate your consideration and hope you decide to join us in teaching our children how their actions today can positively impact the world we live in tomorrow.

Waterwise Educator’s Enrollment Form

Program Participation

The graph below displays program participation in Harris, Galveston, and Fort Bend county schools from the 1994-1995 school year.

WaterWise Annual Participation 1994-2014