The District was created by an act of the Texas Legislature in 1989. The District’s enabling act authorized the creation of the District, stated the District’s jurisdiction and purpose, established the membership and responsibilities of the District’s board of directors, and defined the powers and duties of the District. The District’s original enabling legislation has been amended and recodified a number of times over the years, but the most up-to-date version can be found at the Legislature’s website.



These Rules are used by the District as guides in the exercise of the powers conferred by law and in the accomplishment of the purposes of Chapter 8801, Special Districts Code. They shall not be construed as a limitation or restriction on the exercise of any discretion nor shall they be construed to deprive the District or Board of the exercise of any powers, duties, or jurisdiction conferred by law, nor shall they be construed to limit or restrict the amount and character of data or information that may be required to be collected for the proper administration of Chapter 8801, Special Districts Code.

District Rules-Amended 2016

District Rules – Amended 2015

Board Approved Disincentive Fee Resolution – 2013

Over-conversion Groundwater Credit Policy – 2012

Water Conservation Groundwater Credit Policy – 2012


It is the purpose and intent of the District Regulatory Plan (DRP) to establish policy in the area of groundwater regulation, permits and enforcement and to establish District regulatory areas and regulatory requirements for each area. The District’s Regulatory Plan was approved on January 9th 2013.

Regulatory Plan – Amended 2013


Well Radius Search Request Form

A customizable report that lists all water wells with a District permit in a given area. The area listed is a circle around a latitude/longitude point that you provide. The radius of the area depends on a distance measurement that you also provide. The output is available as a “Standard” report showing previous year’s reported pumpage; and a “History” report showing all annual pumpages for each well.

Meter Calibration

This is a list of companies in the Houston Texas area that perform meter calibrations, make adjustments as necessary using approved methods, and have submitted compliance information to the District. Companies are losted soley by alphabetical listing. Only companies listed below may be used to submit meter calibrations to the District.

Meter Calibration Companies that use Approved Testing Methods