Total normalized subsidence risk score in the brackish groundwater zones of the Jasper Aquifer.

In 2016 the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, in collaboration with the Fort Bend Subsidence District, began a research project to improve the understanding of brackish groundwater resources within the area. Brackish groundwater has been utilized in other parts of Texas as a viable source of potable water. Within the Districts’ area, increased development of groundwater resources has caused wide-spread subsidence or lowering of land surface which can contribute to flooding.

Although the freshwater portions of the Jasper aquifer are utilized extensively today in Montgomery County, just north of Harris County, the Jasper aquifer is the least-utilized aquifer within the subsidence districts. This report presents a risk assessment of the potential for subsidence that may result from the development of brackish groundwater resources in the Jasper Aquifer within the Harris-Galveston and Fort Bend Subsidence Districts. Previously published research, available hydrogeologic data, and calibrated models confirm that the Jasper Aquifer will compact upon development. Generally, the risk of subsidence increases with the distance from the Texas Coast, with the highest normalized relative risk in an area that extends from northern Harris County to north-western Fort Bend County.

The research documented in this report improves the Districts’ understanding of the potential for subsidence which could occur from groundwater development in the brackish Jasper Aquifer. The risk assessment provides a framework for the Districts to evaluate projects in terms of potential subsidence risk based upon their location. The report provides suggested methodology for the collection of additional data to further characterize the brackish Jasper Aquifer and the potential for subsidence from its development.

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