Click Here to Submit Your 2017 Annual Pumpage Report

REMINDER!!! All permit holders are required to submit their annual (January-December) groundwater use by January 31, 2018. You can submit your report online using the link above. There is NO FEE required to submit your annual report. Where wells have been permitted for aggregate withdrawal, only one form per aggregation need be completed.

If you are not required to have a meter on your well, please estimate your water use based on the following guidelines:

Single Family Residence: 100,000 gallons

Mobile Home: 60,000-75,000 gallons

Business: 10 gallons per employee times the number of annual working days

Livestock (chickens, ducks, etc.): 1 gallon per head per day

Livestock (all other): 10 gallons per head per day

If you have any questions, please contact us via telephone at (281) 486-1105 or email at